Case study name

Partner Sourcing for an american hamburguers brand.

Since 90´s this Restaurant group has tried to enter Mexican market.

In that decade they managed to open some branches, but the crisis came and they had to close and leave the country.

Ten years ago they had 3 partners, each one in different region of the country, It didn´t go well because two of them did not worked as they wished and they had to close all the restaurants and take the brand out of the country again.

Our Solution

Market Development Strategy Plan to evaluate the market potential and trace a path.

Prospecting possible candidates for franchises, contacting them and analyzing the interest and possible success.


During a year the following activities were carried out:

Market Development Strategy

• Prospecting Candidates (canvassing and potencial)

• Market visits to qualify prospects

• Diligences to the prospect business plan.


We got a Master Franchise agreement for the opening of 130 restaurants in Mexico, in the next 10 years.