“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s Jorge Lizan has been a great partner. His passion, drive, and knowledge of the Latin American market has helped us gain valuable insight and connections as we formulate our distribution strategy. Jorge’s commitment to his clients provides the reliability we expect from our partners.”
Eduardo Perez, CFO Americas Region, Saint Laurent Paris, USA

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) has contributed with deep knowledge and multiple skills in generating business opportunities in international markets for Freddo, and has cooperated successfully in the franchise expansion projects of Argentina’s premium ice cream chain, Freddo.”
Gabriela Fracchia, Franchise Manager, Freddo, Argentina

“Wendy’s enlisted LRA’s services to help shape our market development strategy for Mexico.  Jorge and his team have been true partners throughout the project. They provided deep knowledge of the Mexico market, the restaurant segment, along with retail expertise and strong relationships with key players in the industry.”
Carlos Ribas, VP & Managing Director, Latin America & Caribbean Region, The Wendy’s Company, USA

“Jorge Lizan showed great leadership in substantially expanding the presence of ICSC in Latin America. He is well respected for his retail knowledge and is excellent at connecting people. The Latin American Members were very committed to him.”
William S. Taubman, ICSC Past Chairman, COO, Taubman Centers, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

“I have known Jorge Lizan for quite a few years and have come to respect and admire his immense talents. Jorge is the quiet achiever.  With his architectural background, he is very professional, enterprising, creative and tenacious. Jorge is very pleasant to work with and makes things happen in a most positive fashion.”
Ian F. Thomas, CRX, CDP, ICSC Past Trustee, Chairman, Thomas Consultants Inc., Canada

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s trustful partnership and advise along with his extensive network and international knowledge have been instrumental to accelerate our expansion plan entry.”
Michel Cohen, Co CEO, Lolita S.A., Uruguay

“I know Jorge Lizan of Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) for more than 20 years, he has always demonstrated knowledge, proactivity, industry connections and positive reputation. Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s involvement on our international development strategy will be instrumental to achieve our goals.”
Javier PelayoInternational Business Vice President, MARCO ALDANY, Spain

“Jorge Lizan experience gained thru many years with ICSC enables him to have a more holistic approach to the global requirements of the Retail and franchising business. He brings with him a large network of global contacts from the industry which can a valuable resource available to anyone planning their retail expansion and franchising across Latin America and Global emerging markets.”
Ishwar ChuganiExecutive Director, Giordano International Ltd., Dubai, UAE

“In all my working together with Jorge Lizan, the time was spent uber-productively and resulted in positive outcomes. Setting up the ICSC / SCAI relationship was challenging and Jorge ensured that the objectives were met and that all stakeholders involved were satisfied; the relationship flourishes and continues to grow. In respect to retailer development, Jorge is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and no-doubt his ’touch’ will see many American retailers entering the African market.”
Jonathan Yach MRICS, CEO, Broll Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

“Jorge Lizan is an expert in shopping centers and international markets. Above and beyond his in-depth knowledge of these subjects, Jorge’s leadership skills include clear vision, strong stamina and a positive focus on relationships.”
Ory EshelRDC, Retail Development Consultants, Paris, France

“I have known Jorge Lizan for several years and he has distinguished himself as a reliable, dynamic and energetic individual. Jorge is effective, results oriented and very good at what he does. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the years.”
Blanca RodriguezManaging Partner, RCIM, Mexico City, Mexico

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s trustful partnership and advise along with his extensive network and international knowledge have been instrumental to accelerate our expansion plan entry.”
Enrique Nehme, Vice President, International, Charming Charlie, USA

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s extensive network and industry connections helped Reed Midem to identify new prospects and potential MAPIC attendees from North America and Latin America.”
Arnaud Simeray, Senior Director North & Central America, Reed Midem (MAPIC and MIPIM), France

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) is a perfect partner to develop any kind of retail brand internationally. They have perfect knowledge of everything related to the Retail Real Estate Industries in both the American and European continents. Jorge Lizan has proved helpful to find investors or develop retail planning in new markets. Working with him is easy and he always shows himself as a very transparent person.”
Kim Llopart, Commercial Director, Eurekakids, Spain

“Jorge Lizan has broad international experience in a wide range of countries. He’s seen as an effective planner and careful and competent leader of others.”
John T. Riordan, ICSC Past President and CEO & ICSC Lifetime Trustee, International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), New York, NY, USA

“Jorge Lizan is a great professional with international experience in Latin America that help us during our expansion in those markets. I was impressed by his networking and relationship skills. 
Moreover his maturity and meticulous manner and efficiencies in problem solving were outstanding even in the standard of the senior professionals.”
Joan Rouras, Head of Global Real Estate, Desigual, Barcelona, Spain

“Jorge Lizan is a great professional. Jorge is well suited for any position, as he will add value to any company in a number of ways. 
He is talented, educated and has excellent people-skills.”
Bob LeeDevelopment Officer, Hooters, Atlanta, GA, USA

“Jorge Lizan contributions to the development of the Shopping Mall industry in India have been tremendous and much appreciated. He was instrumental on the development of organized retail in the country.”
Kishore Bhatija, CEO, Inorbit Mall, Mumbai, India

“Jorge Lizan is a complete professional – a dedicated, thoughtful, incisive and knowledgably person who is absolutely committed to his work. He has a pleasant outgoing personality that brings people together.”
Derek BarkerManaging Director, Haskoll Architects and Designers, London, UK

“Jorge Lizan global relationships and appreciation for growth markets have been helpful to me and my focus in emerging domestic markets in the U.S.”
Enrique LegaspiDirector, The Legaspi Company, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I am very familiarized with Jorge Lizan’s excellent job with the ICSC. He is very knowledgeable of the retail industry in Latin America and is very well connected in the industry”
Ander LegorretaExecutive Director Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield, Mexico City, Mexico

“Jorge Lizan is not only an expert in the shopping center industry for Latin America, he has traveled the world, studying the good and bad among shopping centers, as well as best practices in the industry. He has an unparalleled network of global contacts in the industry. He is a great conference organizer”
Andrew StrenkPresident, Strategic Planning Concepts International LLC, Orange County, CA, USA

“Jorge Lizan is perhaps the person with the largest network in the Global Retail Industry. In other words Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) is your key to the world.”
Michel Cohen, Co CEO, Lolita S.A., Uruguay

“Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s connections and market knowledge gives us great confidence that we will be able to secure good franchise partners for 100 Montaditos in selected Latin American Markets.”
Ignacio Garcia-Nieto, Managing Director, America, 100 Montaditos, Spain

“Jorge Lizan’s contribution to the growth of the global retail real estate industry has been tremendous, his knowledge of international markets is unparalleled. Some of his major achievements include the creation of a Hispanic Markets Initiative and the organization of the 2012 Retail Real Estate World Summit in Shanghai. In his leadership role in Latin America he built countless local relationships over the years.”
David B. Henry, ICSC Past Chairman, Vice Chairman, President & CEO, Kimco Realty Corporation, USA

“I have worked with Jorge Lizan for the past 7 years and have been extremely impressed by his knowledge of the international retail markets and his network of the major players in our industry.  Jorge’s background in architecture, retail and global markets combined with his interpersonal skills makes him a most effective facilitator in our industry.”
Phil McArthur, CRX, CSM, CDP, ICSC Past Trustee, Managing Director, McARTHUR + COMPANY, Dubai, UAE

“Jorge Lizan is an indefatigable advocate for expanding ICSC’s reach and I have been twice honored and humbled by Jorge when asked to speak at events in Buenos Aires and Cartagena. He has facilitated introductions to a number of prominent international retail developers, owners, operators, and investors and is an invaluable resource and a real asset.”
Matthew Whitman LazenbyPresident & CEO, Bal Harbour Shops, Miami, FL, USA

“It’s been a pleasure working with Jorge Lizan, I have seen some tremendous energy in furthering the cause of the shopping mall industry. Jorge’s contribution to the shopping center industry especially in India has been much appreciated.”
Neel RahejaGroup President, K Raheja Corp, Mumbai, India

“Jorge Lizan is an expert in the real estate and retail arena. He is not only strategic but also capable of implementing the strategies that he recommends. Great asset to have in any winning team.”
Juan ChusanVP Retail Consumer Food, Grupo Nutresa, Medellin, Colombia

“Jorge Lizan has served the ICSC for many years in the international sector with solid achievement. I personally had the pleasure of working with him on a hands on basis. Such experience serves him very well in the retail field, which really is his specialty.”
Russell PrattICSC Past Trustee, President, The Pratt Company, Mill Valley, CA, USA

“Jorge Lizan is an extremely knowledgeable and insightful retail real estate professional. He deeply understands the importance of reaching out to a multicultural audience and has proactively taken the steps to make sure that those who he serves fully understand this. I’ve known him for many years now and have had the privilege of collaborating with him in some of his projects as well as benefited from his vast experience in the marketplace.”
Juan Tornoe, Partner, CMO, Cultural Strategies, San Antonio, TX, USA

“Jorge Lizan is very organized, punctual, knowledgeable in international business development and real estate. I have worked with Jorge closely over the last 5 years and it has been a very enjoyable and profitable experience.”
Lewis StirlingEVP, Partner Stirling Properties, New Orleans, LA, USA

“Jorge Lizan was catalyst for the growth of the retail real estate industry in the Caribbean, he was instrumental on incorporating Puerto Rico into the Central American/Caribbean Market.”
Francis Xavier GonzalezVice President of Property Management DDR Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico