Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s Jorge Lizan has been a great partner. His passion, drive, and knowledge of the Latin American market has helped us gain valuable insight and connections as we formulate our distribution strategy. Jorge’s commitment to his clients provides the reliability we expect from our partners.

Eduardo Pérez | LRA Testimonials

Eduardo Perez
COO Americas Region, Saint Laurent Paris, USA

Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s connections and market knowledge gives us great confidence that we will be able to secure good franchise partners for 100 Montaditos in selected Latin American Markets.

Wendy’s enlisted LRA’s services to help shape our market development strategy for Mexico.  Jorge and his team have been true partners throughout the project. They provided deep knowledge of the Mexico market, the restaurant segment, along with retail expertise and strong relationships with key players in the industry.

Carlos Ribas | LRA Testimonials

Carlos Ribas
VP & Managing Director, Latin America & Caribbean Region, The Wendy’s Company, USA

Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA)’s trustful partnership and advise along with his extensive network and international knowledge have been instrumental to accelerate our expansion plan entry.

Michel Cohen | LRA Testimonials

Michel Cohen
Co CEO, Lolita S.A., Uruguay

Ignacio Garcia-Nieto | LRA Testimonials

Ignacio Garcia-Nieto
Managing Director, America, 100 Montaditos, Spain

I have worked with Jorge Lizan for the past 7 years and have been extremely impressed by his knowledge of the international retail markets and his network of the major players in our industry.  Jorge’s background in architecture, retail and global markets combined with his interpersonal skills makes him a most effective facilitator in our industry.

Phil MCArthur | LRA Testimonials

Phil MCArthur
Founder and Chairman, McARTHUR + COMPANY, Dubai, UAE

Jorge Lizan is an indefatigable advocate for expanding ICSC’s reach and I have been twice honored and humbled by Jorge when asked to speak at events in Buenos Aires and Cartagena. He has facilitated introductions to a number of prominent international retail developers, owners, operators, and investors and is an invaluable resource and a real asset.

Matthew Whitman | LRA Testimonials

Matthew Whitman Lazenby
President & CEO,  Bal Harbour Shops , Miami, FL, USA

Jorge has been a trusted advisor, connector, and friend for many years as we have worked together covering a number of regions globally. His market knowledge, global networking reach and professionalism are first class.

Syed Kazmi | LRA Testimonials

Syed Kazmi
Executive Director, America, Card Factory, United Kingdom

Lizan Retail is the top partner sourcing company in Latin America. Lizan strategically pairs brands with the most reputable operators in order to achieve growth. LOGAN has worked on select retail consulting assignments with Lizan, and hopes to do so again in the future.

Robert Logan | LRA Testimonials

Robert Logan
Managing Partner, Logan Valuation, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Jorge’s knowledge of the retail industry and his international connections are unparalleled. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Dion Pouw | LRA Testimonials

Dion Pouw
Founder & CEO, 3DWDs , Netherlands

Our experience with LRA and with Jorge in particular was been always very satisfactory, Jorge showed his professionalism in any moment and his managerial approach to the business development process was been very appreciated. We constantly feel in great hands with Jorge and, actually, I have no problem to say that If I could go back I would make the same choice again, relying on LRA for the brand expansion process.

Taddeo Bruno | LRA Testimonials

Taddeo Bruno
Global Franchising Manager un Kiko SPA, Kiko Milano, Italy

Jorge is the ultimate professional and undoubtedly an expert on his field, I would not hesitate to hire his services again and every time I need to make an immediate impact on my business.

Carlos De León | LRA Testimonials

Carlos De Leon
Director of Development Worldwide, Darden International, USA

LRA nos llevo a conocer el mercado Mexicano y directamente al socio estratégico ideal. Jorge muy conocedor de la actualidad de los mercados en este rubro y de los contactos sobretodo.

Liliana Villalobos | LRA Testimonials

Liliana Villalobos
Creative Director, Applauzi, Perú

Jorge and Lizan Retail Advisors bring sharp focus on to projects…with a combination of integrity, intellect, numeracy, disposition, personality, worldly experience and energy unlike very few consultants in the shopping center and retail world… Jorge is an industry thought leader and has the capacity to gather and create the relationships between top brands, developers and designers.

Daniel Aizenman | LRA Testimonials

Daniel Aizenman
Senior Principal, Stantec ViBE, Italy

Following a trip to Mexico with Jorge, which included meeting many strong potential franchise partners, we have gained a deep understanding of the market and our position for entry. In addition to Mexico, LRA’s services have extended to assisting us with introductions to potential partners for the whole of Latin America and we are both excited and confident in approaching these new markets with Jorge’s assistance. Jorge Lizan has proven himself as a valuable contact for us in the markets of Central and South America.

Jamie Al-Kadhimi | LRA Testimonials

Jamie Al-Kadhimi
Director of Strategy & Development, Chotto Matte, London

Los servicios brindados por LRA fueron excelentes y muy satisfactorios.
Tanto el estudio de mercado, como la coordinación del “road show” fueron impecables y fundamentales para los objetivos trazados. Su Director General, Jorge Lizan, fue un apoyo invaluable en todo momento.

Jorge Villalobos | LRA Testimonials

Jorge Villalobos
Gerente General, Aguaclara, Italy

Tengo la suerte de trabajar junto a Jorge desde hace más de una década. Desde el primer contacto, hasta hoy, Jorge ha demostrado ser un profesional cumplidor, comprometido y confiable. Su conocimiento de la industria y del mercado así como su vasta experiencia siempre aportan un resultado por encima de lo esperado. LRA es un partner de garantía y un compañero de viaje de valor. Sumado a la empatía de Jorge, todos los proyectos compartidos, a ambas orillas del Atlántico, con él han sido un proceso de aprendizaje y crecimiento en un contexto de profesionalidad y coherencia. En el equipo de TOTEM Branding esperamos seguir colaborando muchos años más con Jorge y LRA.

Andy Stalman | LRA Testimonials

Andy Stalman
CEO de TOTEM, España

El servicio integral que Jorge Lizan y su equipo nos han brindado para la comercialización de la marca, ha sido contundente desde el primer momento y nos ha ayudado a visualizar un potencial mayor de crecimiento, además de reafirmar la confianza que tienen nuestros clientes en la marca ahora como modelo de franquicias. Sin duda el apoyo que nos han brindado lo recomendamos ampliamente.

Doña Tota es una marca con más de 70 años de experiencia en el sector de alimentos en México. A través de su modelo de franquicias buscamos llegar a cada ciudad de la mano de aliados estratégicos.

Jorge Magdaleno | LRA Testimonials

Jorge Magdaleno
Gerente de Franquicias Doña Tota, México

Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) has contributed with deep knowledge and multiple skills in generating business opportunities in international markets for Freddo, and has cooperated successfully in the franchise expansion projects of Argentina’s premium ice cream chain, Freddo.

Gabriela Fracchia | LRA Testimonials

Gabriela Fracchia
Franchise Manager, Freddo, Argentina

I have known Jorge Lizan for quite a few years and have come to respect and admire his immense talents. Jorge is the quiet achiever.  With his architectural background, he is very professional, enterprising, creative and tenacious. Jorge is very pleasant to work with and makes things happen in a most positive fashion.

Ian Thomas | LRA Testimonials

Ian F. Thomas
Chairman, Thomas Consultants Inc, Canada

Jorge Lizan experience gained thru many years with ICSC enables him to have a more holistic approach to the global requirements of the Retail and franchising business. He brings with him a large network of global contacts from the industry which can a valuable resource available to anyone planning their retail expansion and franchising across Latin America and Global emerging markets.

Ishwar Chugani | LRA Testimonials

Ishwar Chugani
CEO and Managing Director, Giordano International Ltd., Dubai, UAE

In all my working together with Jorge Lizan, the time was spent uber-productively and resulted in positive outcomes. Setting up the ICSC / SCAI relationship was challenging and Jorge ensured that the objectives were met and that all stakeholders involved were satisfied; the relationship flourishes and continues to grow. In respect to retailer development, Jorge is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and no-doubt his ’touch’ will see many American retailers entering the African market.

Jonathan Yach | LRA Testimonials

Jonathan Yach
CEO, JY Consulting and Advisory, South Africa

Lizan Retail es una empresa con la cual me gusta interactuar a través de Jorge, quien es un profesional y amigo dedicado a proponer oportunidades interesantes a proveedores y clientes. Valoro mucho la relación y veo oportunidades en ambas direcciones. Lizan Retail es un aliado estratégico para nosotros.

Jorge Lizan is an expert in shopping centers and international markets. Above and beyond his in-depth knowledge of these subjects, Jorge’s leadership skills include clear vision, strong stamina and a positive focus on relationships.

Ory Eshel | LRA Testimonials

Ory Eshel
RDC,  Retail Development Consultants , France

Lizan Retail Advisors (LRA) is a perfect partner to develop any kind of retail brand internationally. They have perfect knowledge of everything related to the Retail Real Estate Industries in both the American and European continents. Jorge Lizan has proved helpful to find investors or develop retail planning in new markets. Working with him is easy and he always shows himself as a very transparent person.

Kim Llopart | LRA Testimonials

Kim Llopart
Commercial Director, Eurekakids, Spain

Jorge Lizan is an expert in shopping centers and international markets. Above and beyond his in-depth knowledge of these subjects, Jorge’s leadership skills include clear vision, strong stamina and a positive focus on relationships.

John Riordan | LRA Testimonials

John T. Riordan
ICSC Past President and CEO & ICSC Lifetime Trustee,   International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), NY, USA

Jorge Lizan is a great professional with international experience in Latin America that help us during our expansion in those markets. I was impressed by his networking and relationship skills. 
Moreover his maturity and meticulous manner and efficiencies in problem solving were outstanding even in the standard of the senior professionals.

Joan Rouras | LRA Testimonials

Joan Rouras
Head of Global Real Estate, Desigual, Spain

“Jorge Lizan is a great professional. Jorge is well suited for any position, as he will add value to any company in a number of ways. 
He is talented, educated and has excellent people-skills.”

Bob Lee | LRA Testimonials

Bob Lee
Development Officer, Hooters, USA

Lizan Retail es una empresa con la cual me gusta interactuar a través de Jorge, quien es un profesional y amigo dedicado a proponer oportunidades interesantes a proveedores y clientes. Valoro mucho la relación y veo oportunidades en ambas direcciones. Lizan Retail es un aliado estratégico para nosotros.

Ben Btesh | LRA Testimonials

Ben Btesh
Chief Executive Officer, Ben Betesh Internacional, Panama